Here is a sample clipping of the new Newsletter:

newsletter-sample-7-18Don’t you just hate those annoying pop ups on websites? I certainly do!

This is a sample of my new newsletter. I am choosing to focus on empowering and positive energy. I will talk about current events, but try to find positive solutions. There is so much negative in the news, not that all this evil has just started happening, we can just report it faster and worldwide now. I wish they would report good things as quickly!

Here is what I offer, first I will never sell your email, I hate spam! Being out here on the web, I personally get at least 20 spam emails a day, and filter 100’s of spam comments off my websites. In fact if you leave a comment on a post, it may take me a while to get it approved as I get burried in all the junk.

Second, I will always keep a positive spin on my articles. We get enough negative. Although I will talk about grief, I will also offer solutions where I can. I will even throw in a joke now and then because we all need a reason to smile. And yes I have been known to smile between my tears.

Signup is easy, all you have to do is to email me here and say you want the newsletter, that way I don’t get your email misspelled, and know it’s active and NOT SPAM!

I am not sure how often I will get it out, at least monthly for now, so signup and get on the list!