sandy brosam signing her books

To print or not to print?


When I printed Becoming Bigger Than Our Pain, I did author book tours and signings, and placed it in bookstores, retail stores, and hospitals.


But that limited who could find the book greatly. I had so many online requests for it, and the shipping to foreign countries was at times very expensive. So I joined the electronic generation, and made E Books, & PDF’s for computers and tablets too.


I create videos for empowerment and inspiration. The videos are free, they are created to support healing, I sell my books to finance my support journey, which includes creating and soley supporting it without pop up ads, for the good of others in pain, and this website where I do blogging.


I have a passion to help others learn to heal themselves. My videos are designed to help others get their power back over the grief, and encouragement for healing. Sometimes we just need a little reminder to keep things in perspective. I use physical things in my analogies for comparison to help me tell the story.


Pain is often beyond words, but never beyond love. Sometimes you have to just stop talking & start hugging!

~Sandy Brosam 1989