The Grief Refrigerator

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image of open refrigerator as it applies to grief


I was cleaning my refrigerator, which gave me quiet time to reflect on how it is so similar to putting things deep inside to save for later with my grief. Some things I keep to the front, and access them routinely, but some things get shoved way back and simply start to rot in neglect. Some things I simply keep because I don’t want to lose them even though I have not used them in a very long time. Then there are the “gifts” I didn’t necessarily want and don’t know what to do with them! Continue reading “The Grief Refrigerator” »

The Emotional Roller Coaster of Grief

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emotional roller coaster on grief beach

As I talk about my grief journey, like swimming in the ocean, struggling to get to the beach, I now want to talk about what happens when I finally get to Grief Beach,( Along with all the hot sand, sharp rocks, quicksand, and dangerous cliffs… there is a roller coaster ahead that I must ride.


It is called the Emotional Roller Coaster. It takes up an entire section of the beach, and I can’t get around it, I have to go through it. It has deep shark infested water on one side, and high cliffs on the other side. But beyond it is a shady beach with calm waters called peaceful acceptance. It is where I want to be. It is from there that I can watch the sunrises and sunsets.

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Ants On The Sidewalk

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Defining moments in my grief journey.

picture of ants used to talk about healing grief

Ants on the Sidewalk

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