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Empowering Grieving Hearts to Heal..

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Welcome to my world!

I have spent my entire adult life - Grieving in Plain Sight...

I have given birth to 4 children, 2 with feet on the ground, and 2 who grew their wings. My first child died in a car accident when I was 21 years old, and I was the driver. Then 8 years later my 4th child died from cancer. I know grief, and survivor’s guilt. I have had an entire lifetime to learn about my journey with grief. Losing a child messed me up. Losing the 2nd one was brutal.

Every time I leave my house, I am in plain sight. I used to have to wear a MASK to hide my emotions, when my pain was raw, so people would stop asking me if I was OK. I was broken, and certainly not OK!

The MASK allowed me to pretend I was normal. It was a coping skill.

I had to grow enough to learn how to live in my present, not in my past, and to find joy and happiness in my everyday life. Happiness is easily forgotten, I had to learn happy again. It is my passion to help others on this journey, and empower them to heal themselves. No one could fix me, I had to do it myself. I share my thoughts and my experiences so that others will know that they, too, can become bigger than their pain. We have to allow ourselves to be at peace, and find happiness again. We do have a choice.


On August 9, 1980 Terry died. His death broke my heart and forever defined my life as a grieving mother.


On October 31, 1988 Brandon died. His death broke my heart yet again, and threw me back into the fires of hell.

Mindy and Billy

They got to live, and at this age, had to endure burying their brother Brandon. My heart was broken for them too.

“Sandy Brosam is a courageous author and speaker; she has the ability to put her deepest thoughts and emotions into words. Having survived the death of two children, Sandy draws from 30 years of grief experience to help others move forward in their grief. She devotes a great deal of time on social networks in dialog with others providing support and help”.

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